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The Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) is dedicated to providing compassionate, skilled and state of the art medical care. As a nationally recognized medical center, we continue to experience unprecedented growth and expansion in both the clinical and academic arenas. Our primary mission is to provide helpful and considerate patient care. We also aim to educate and produce highly qualified, ethical and caring future neurosurgeons. Additionally, we strive to advance the field of neurosciences by performing outstanding research.

Mission Statement

  • To educate and train highly qualified compassionate and knowledgeable neurosurgeons.
  • To provide patients with state of the art neurosurgical care in a setting respectful of their needs.
  • To engage in quality research endeavors that lead to innovative therapies and treatments, which may ultimately translate to improved patient care in the field of neurological surgery.

Featured Stories

Dr. Jimenez visits with former patients at 2015 UHS Medical Miracles Gala

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 |  Thursday Apr 30, 2015 | Share This Item

Dr. David Jimenez with former patients, Abby Jack and Nicholas Velasquez

Dr. David Jimenez greets two special attendees at the 2015 UHS Medical Miracles Gala: Abby Jack (2011 Honoree) and Nicholas Velasquez (2009 Honoree).

Today, both of these former patients are living full and happy lives. Follow the links above to watch their video stories.

Clinical Trial Shows Promising Success

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 |  Tuesday Mar 24, 2015 | Share This Item

Andrew Brenner M.D., Ph.D., and John R. Floyd II M.D., have been working together at the Cancer Therapy & Research Center to develop a new method of treating glioblastoma, an especially aggressive brain cancer. Their innovative therapy delivers radioactive liposomes directly into brain tumors using a newly designed catheter that is capable of improved surgical targeting.

Dr. Brenner is optimistic about their first patient’s encouraging results.


Dr. Dengler Wins First Place

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 |  Wednesday Mar 4, 2015 | Share This Item

Dr.Bradley Dengler

Congratulations to Dr. Bradley Dengler on winning first place at the Texas Association of Neurological Surgeons for his presentation on “ Deep brain stimulation for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder”.

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