Department of Neurosurgery

Shared Resource for Neurodegenerative Models

Mission Statement

This research facility provides expert neurosurgical procedures as well as general surgical procedures and training to research investigators at the UTHSCSA campuses and the neighboring science community.

Animal models are an essential tool for scientists to use to unlock doors to answer  important medical questions and  provide novel surgical interventions along with pharmaceutical therapies. In addition to the high expense of purchasing the surgical equipment necessary to properly perform these experiments, these procedures are often tedious to learn and take months to obtain consistent data.
The Shared Resource for Neurodegenerative Models fills an essential need of UTHSCSA Investigators and the neighboring science community by offering:

  • Neurosurgical and General animal surgery procedures
  • Access to expensive medical/surgical equipment and facilities
  • Training to assist investigators interested in establishing their own animal surgery protocol
  • Consultation for preparing IACUC and grant applications
  • Collaboration


Heated Surgical Tables w/ OR Microscopes
Heated Surgical Tables w/ OR Microscopes

Pneumatic Impact Device for TBI Models
Nova PhoX Plus Blood Gas Analyzer
Nova PhoX Plus Blood Gas Analyzer
MoorLab Laser Doppler
MoorLab Laser Doppler
Braintree Rodent Intensive Care Unit
Braintree Rodent Intensive Care Unit
KLS Martin Micro Electrocautery Unit
KLS Martin Micro Electrocautery Unit


Rodent Surgical and Pharmacological Models

  • Focal and Global Ischemia Models
  • Micro-Stroke Model using Laser
  • Hemorrhagic Stroke Model
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Model (CCI)
  • Spinal Cord Traumatic Injury Model
  • Spinal Cord Clip Compression Model
  • Stereotaxic  Brain Injections
  • Stereotaxic Lesions
  • Stereotaxic Microinjections of Drugs, Chemicals, and Cells (such as Stem Cells)
  • Hypoxic Preconditioning
  • Injections (IP,  IV, and SC)
  • Intubation of Rodents
  • Vascular Canulation
  • Brain Perfusion and Tissue Collection
  • Vessel Denudation
  • Cerebral Blood Flow using laser Doppler (MoorLab)
  • Blood Gas Analysis including pH, PCO2, PO2, SO2 %, Hct, hemoglobin, Na+, K+, Cl-, and barometric pressure (NovaPhox Plus)
  • Mean Arterial Pressure and Intercranial Pressure  Monitoring (PowerLab/MacLab)
  • Pulse Oximetry (MouseOx)
  • Body Core Temperature (Harvard Thermal Control Unit)
  • Brain Temperature and O2 measurements (Licox)
  • Ventilation
  • Behavioral Testing (AnyMaze tracking software)

Other Services:

  • Protocol Consultation
  • Animal Survival Care and Monitoring
  • Filament Production


Sham MCAO $100.00
MCAO with Monitoring $250.00
Basic TBI - No Monitoring $100.00
Controlled Cortical Impact (TBI Model) $180.00
TBI Model with Video Microscopy/LD $230.00
Spinal Cord Injury
Vessel Denudation $50.00
Vessel Cannulation (Femoral/Tail/Carotid) $50.00
Blood Pressure/ABG Monitoring $60.00
Stereotaxic Injection (Brain, Spinal Cord) $70.00
CBF Monitoring - Laser Doppler $20.00/Hr
Drug Injection (IM, IP, and SQ) $5.00
Drug Injection (Intra-ventricular - IV) $10.00
Rodent Ventilation
Brain Perfusion Fixation
Brain Imaging and Analysis (TTC)
Animal Surgery Facility Charge $50.00/Hr
Consultation/Training/Protocol Planning $100.00/Hr
Novel Project TBD
Miscellaneous TBD

* Discounts Available for UTHSCSA Faculty
** Special Pricing Available

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Contact Information

Naomi Sayre, PhD
Naomi Sayre, PhD
Assistant Professor of Research

Shane Sprague, In Vivo Lab Manager
Shane Sprague
In Vivo Lab Manager