Department of Neurosurgery

Automated Infusion Pump Software Design

The complexity and demand for caring for critically ill patients has increased tremendously in the past decade. In order to provide standard of care treatment in light of this, medical teams have looked towards computer based intensive care systems. However, one of the most use devices in the care of critically ill patients – the infusion pump – still requires the medical staff to monitor the patient’s vitals and adjust the dosing manually. This is time consuming and allows for errors.

This project aims to design an automated infusion pump that is capable of administering blood pressure medication automatically in response to hypotensive and hypertensive conditions. The goal of this project is an automated infusion pump that will make preprogramed decisions based on a patient’s current vitals in order to keep their blood pressure within physiological range. This project is a collaboration between department of neurosurgery at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and department of electrical engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio under the guidance of doctors Ali Seifi, MD, FACP and Sos Agaian, PhD.

Hao Wu
"Bill" Hao Wu