ICU Stories

Today we visited with Coco Dilley, whose husband is currently in the ICU after he was rear-ended in a hit-and-run accident. First responders removed Coco’s husband from his car and rushed him to UHS, where he underwent cervical spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Ramesh Grandhi performed the spinal fusion surgery and Dr. Hafeez was the ICU attending.

“The next surgery went on for hours,” Coco told us. “We were very worried to not know what was happening.” Although this has been a stressful time for her, Coco said she that is thankful for the quality of care UHS has provided. “I have never been here before, but I am very impressed with the staff. The ICU nurses were amazing.” Coco added that she is forever grateful to Drs. Hafeez and Grandi for their kindness and expertise. Because of their intervention, her husband is on the road to recovery.