Brain Aneurysm Awareness: Alberto's story

To bring more attention to Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month, we spoke with patient Alberto Comacho about the events that led up to his hospitalization. Alberto initially sought medical assistance because he had “…the worst headache of [his] life.” The pain was so intense that he blacked out. Ultimately Alberto was taken to the Neuro ICU, where our team was able to properly diagnose him and treat his aneurysm.

Alberto told us that his care at the Neuro ICU was phenomenal: “Dr. Grandhi was awesome. He was there every step of the way answering questions as well as reassuring me and my family.” Alberto was released this week and we are happy to report that he is recovering nicely.

Although severe headache like Alberto’s is a classic aneurysm symptom, people might also experience nausea, vomiting, confusion, drowsiness, or even sensitivity to light. If you or someone you know demonstrates any of those symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention.

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