Michele Arlt's Story

Michele Arlt has suffered from chronic epilepsy ever since she was seven months old. Over the course of her lifetime, many doctors have treated her, but none of them were able to stop her seizures. “At the worst, I had about 15 seizures a day,” Michele told us. “I could never really do anything; my family was too worried to leave me alone because I could really have a seizure at any time.” About a year ago, Michele went to go see Dr. Papanastassiou. After he diagnosed her and performed surgery, the seizures finally stopped.

During her last follow-up appointment, Michele talked to us about how happy she is with the care she’s received and how comfortable she felt with Dr. Papanastassiou and the rest of the hospital staff: "I knew they would do whatever was best for me. I knew I was in good hands."

Now that Michele is officially seizure-free, she is eager to begin a new, exciting chapter of her life.