Skeet Shoot 2014

The Department of Neurosurgery celebrated our second annual skeet shoot on Saturday, October 4th. We also hosted a reception welcoming our newest resident members: Drs. Clay Samples and Dewey Thoms. The tournament was a fun way for everyone to compete by showing off their shooting skills.

First place went to Dr. Byron Branch (who performed admirably). Second place went to Dr. David Jimenez (who would have won first place had Dr. Branch not shown up). Third place went to Dr. Bradley Dengler (who narrowly edged out his wife in a tie-breaking, sudden-death shoot off).

Congratulations to the winners and everyone else who participated this year, especially our new residents, Dr. Samples and Dr. Thoms. The next shoot is scheduled for October 2015. Dr. Michael McGinity will no doubt try to reclaim the throne from Dr. Branch. Good luck, Dr. McGinity!