Department of Neurosurgery


The Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) is dedicated to providing compassionate, skilled and state of the art medical care. As a nationally recognized medical center, we continue to experience unprecedented growth and expansion in both the clinical and academic arenas. Our primary mission is to provide helpful and considerate patient care. We also aim to educate and produce highly qualified, ethical and caring future neurosurgeons. Additionally, we strive to advance the field of neurosciences by performing outstanding research.

Mission Statement

  • To educate and train highly qualified compassionate and knowledgeable neurosurgeons.
  • To provide patients with state of the art neurosurgical care in a setting respectful of their needs.
  • To engage in quality research endeavors that lead to innovative therapies and treatments, which may ultimately translate to improved patient care in the field of neurological surgery.

Featured Stories

Shane Hawksworth, MD

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 |  Friday Mar 24, 2017 | Share This Item

Shane Hawksworth, MD

Congratulations to Shane Hawksworth, MD, for scoring 714 on the American Board of Neurological Surgery Primary Examination. Shane’s results ranked among the top ten highest scores for 2016. In recognition of his achievement, the Department of Neurosurgery at UT Health San Antonio presented Dr. Hawksworth with a crowned bobble head bearing his likeness.

Christian's Story

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 |  Wednesday Mar 22, 2017 | Share This Item


This past January, Christian Patrick Ehrhard suffered a major stroke while getting ready for work. He was rushed to UHS where Ramesh Grandhi, MD, performed a mechanical thrombectomy to remove the blood clot blocking the flow of blood to his brain and a hemicraniectomy to relieve intracranial pressure. After surgery, Christian was put under the supervision of the neurocritical care team.

Christian and his wife praised the staff for their support. “Dr. Grandhi did a fantastic job; we are very grateful to him. The doctors and staff in the ICU were friendly and always looked out for us, which put us at ease.”

Since his surgery, Christian has recovered much of his strength; he is able to do yard work and care for his young child. Christian’s family is very pleased with the results and happy to have him back at home.

Elena's Story

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 |  Thursday Mar 9, 2017 | Share This Item

Elena Sarai Martinez

For 12 years, Elena Sarai Martinez suffered from chronic epilepsy. Every month she had six to eight debilitating seizures. “I had to stop working,” she told us. “It ruined my life and gave me serious depression.”Alex M. Papanastassiou, MD, met with Elena to discuss her treatment options. She underwent surgery and has been seizure-free for three months now. When we asked about her experience at UHS, Elena praised the staff for their care and described how the surgery has given her a new outlook on life. “Dr. Papanastassiou has changed my life completely. I can do simple things like drive and work. It's a big difference…My depression is gone. I feel like I can do anything.”