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Lifesaving Surgery

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 |  Thursday Jan 24, 2013 | Share This Item
Dr. David Jimenez being interviewd by KSAT 12 News

Our Chairman, Dr. David Jimenez, performed lifesaving surgery on 2-year-old orphan, Ivela, from Haiti this past Monday. Ivela suffered from hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in the brain, and had already lost her twin sister to fever in the orphanage where they lived. When Dr. Jimenez heard Ivela’s story he offered to perform the surgery for free. After the surgery Dr. Jimenez reported, “She’s going to do great, I think. She has a good outlook on life.” For the full story visit

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Department of Neurosurgery Brings Home the Trophy

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 |  Thursday Jan 31, 2013 | Share This Item
Dr. Jimenez accepts trophy

The 6th Annual All-State Texas Neurosurgery Residency Program Conference was held in Houston and hosted by the University of Texas Department of Neurosurgery Houston Program. The conference was a success and included a softball tournament and a formal educational program.

Our department won the hard fought tournament and brought home the coveted trophy, which was won last year by the Houston team. The trophy was presented to our delighted Chairman at an opening reception and dinner attended by all participants.

The formal educational program consisted of oral presentations by selected faculty and residents of all of the neurosurgical programs. Dr. Ralph Dacey, Chairman at Washington University in St Louis, was the Honored Speaker of the meeting. Our department was proudly represented by Dr. John Floyd who presented "The Novel Therapies for Malignant Gliomas" and Dr. Nicholas Andrade who gave a brilliant presentation on "The Diffusion of Sham Controlled Trials". Both were excellent presentations and represented our department extremely well.

Kudos to both of them and to the entire team for bringing home the trophy!

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