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Resident Paper Awards

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 |  Tuesday Oct 4, 2016 | Share This Item

Each year our doctors and residents attend the Texas Association of Neurological Surgeons meeting (TANS). Our residents have taken home multiple 1st place awards in the Resident Paper category. This year was no exception with our department once again taking first place. These awards are proudly on display in our conference room.

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Michele Arlt's Story

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 |  Thursday Oct 6, 2016 | Share This Item

Michele Arlt has suffered from chronic epilepsy ever since she was seven months old. Over the course of her lifetime, many doctors have treated her, but none of them were able to stop her seizures. “At the worst, I had about 15 seizures a day,” Michele told us. “I could never really do anything; my family was too worried to leave me alone because I could really have a seizure at any time.” About a year ago, Michele went to go see Dr. Papanastassiou. After he diagnosed her and performed surgery, the seizures finally stopped.

During her last follow-up appointment, Michele talked to us about how happy she is with the care she’s received and how comfortable she felt with Dr. Papanastassiou and the rest of the hospital staff: "I knew they would do whatever was best for me. I knew I was in good hands."

Now that Michele is officially seizure-free, she is eager to begin a new, exciting chapter of her life.

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PA Week

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 |  Friday Oct 7, 2016 | Share This Item

In honor of National PA Week, we would like to celebrate our department’s wonderful physician assistants. Veronica Toudouze, Matthew Musick, and Cristobal Perez—thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

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Haiti Mission Trip 2016

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 |  Tuesday Oct 18, 2016 | Share This Item

In partnership with Healing International Medical Mission (HIMM), Izabela Tarasiewicz, MD, and Derek C. Samples, MD, recently traveled to Haiti to provide medical services to the community of Ouanaminthe. The Department of Neurosurgery’s goal in participating in this annual mission trip is to improve the city’s medical facilities and ultimately establish a significant pediatric neurosurgical practice in that region. This year we preformed 45 surgeries and conducted several consultations for future treatments.


We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of Haiti and look forward to next year’s mission trip.


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Jesus Flores' Story

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 |  Thursday Oct 20, 2016 | Share This Item

Just over a month ago, Jesus Flores had a brain aneurysm at work and passed out. Shortly thereafter, he made an appointment with Dr. Ramesh Grandhi to discuss his case. Because his aneurysm was too large for endovascular coiling treatment, the decision was made to “clip” the aneurysm in order to isolate it from normal blood circulation. Two weeks after surgery, Jesus reports that he is doing well and feeling better every day. Finding out that heredity might have played a role in the development of his aneurysm surprised Jesus. “Many of my family members had aneurysms,” he told us. “I didn’t know aneurysms were genetic. If I had, I would have taken extra precautions.” Jesus advises others to take a closer look at their family history and consult a physician to determine if they might be at risk for having an aneurysm. For more information, visit our department’s brain aneurysm page.


We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of Haiti and look forward to next year’s mission trip.


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ICU Story

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 |  Wednesday Oct 26, 2016 | Share This Item

Today we visited with Coco Dilley, whose husband is currently in the ICU after he was rear-ended in a hit-and-run accident. First responders removed Coco’s husband from his car and rushed him to UHS, where he underwent cervical spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Ramesh Grandhi performed the spinal fusion surgery and Dr. Hafeez was the ICU attending.

“The next surgery went on for hours,” Coco told us. “We were very worried to not know what was happening.” Although this has been a stressful time for her, Coco said she that is thankful for the quality of care UHS has provided. “I have never been here before, but I am very impressed with the staff. The ICU nurses were amazing.” Coco added that she is forever grateful to Drs. Hafeez and Grandi for their kindness and expertise. Because of their intervention, her husband is on the road to recovery.

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