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Natalia’s Story

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Last October, Agnes Mensah suffered a ruptured aneurysm and passed out in her home. When her family found her they immediately called 911. Due to the complicated nature of her case, Agnes’ doctors decided to have her airlifted to UHS from her hometown in Corpus Christi. When she arrived Jeremiah Johnson, MD, perfWhen Natalia Garcia was diagnosed with metopic craniosynostosis, her family was distraught.

The first doctor the family consulted described the traditional approach to craniosynostosis surgery, but hearing about the invasive nature of the procedure left Natalia’s father, Ruben Garcia, feeling apprehensive. “It was very scary to hear that there was going to be such a large cut in our daughter’s head,” Ruben told us. “I didn’t like the fact that she could lose so much blood.”

After researching their options, Natalia’s family learned about the endoscopic approach to surgery. They also heard favorable reviews about David F. Jimenez, MD, FACS. After the family met with him at the Pediatric Neurosurgery Clinic, they were finally convinced what their course of action should be; they scheduled the surgery.

Natalia’s parents had nothing but praise for Dr. Jimenez and clinic staff. “Every person we worked with was so nice. They made us feel at ease and comfortable. It made all our worries go away.”ormed a coiling procedure to block the flow of blood into her brain and a shunting procedure to relieve the pressure that had built up inside her head.

After three weeks of neurocritical care and a period of rehabilitation therapy, Agnes has made tremendous progress. Her family was amazed by her recovery: “The prognosis was not good at all. But with the support of our friends and the doctor's work, she has made a fantastic turnaround."

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Elena's Story

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For 12 years, Elena Sarai Martinez suffered from chronic epilepsy. Every month she had six to eight debilitating seizures. “I had to stop working,” she told us. “It ruined my life and gave me serious depression.”Alex M. Papanastassiou, MD, met with Elena to discuss her treatment options. She underwent surgery and has been seizure-free for three months now. When we asked about her experience at UHS, Elena praised the staff for their care and described how the surgery has given her a new outlook on life. “Dr. Papanastassiou has changed my life completely. I can do simple things like drive and work. It's a big difference…My depression is gone. I feel like I can do anything.”

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Christian's Story

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This past January, Christian Patrick Ehrhard suffered a major stroke while getting ready for work. He was rushed to UHS where Ramesh Grandhi, MD, performed a mechanical thrombectomy to remove the blood clot blocking the flow of blood to his brain and a hemicraniectomy to relieve intracranial pressure. After surgery, Christian was put under the supervision of the neurocritical care team.

Christian and his wife praised the staff for their support. “Dr. Grandhi did a fantastic job; we are very grateful to him. The doctors and staff in the ICU were friendly and always looked out for us, which put us at ease.”

Since his surgery, Christian has recovered much of his strength; he is able to do yard work and care for his young child. Christian’s family is very pleased with the results and happy to have him back at home.

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Shane Hawksworth, MD

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Congratulations to Shane Hawksworth, MD, for scoring 714 on the American Board of Neurological Surgery Primary Examination. Shane’s results ranked among the top ten highest scores for 2016. In recognition of his achievement, the Department of Neurosurgery at UT Health San Antonio presented Dr. Hawksworth with a crowned bobble head bearing his likeness.

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Kamden's Story

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When Kamden Davis was diagnosed with sagittal craniosynostosis, his mother, Marissa, immediately got online to find out more about her son’s condition. During her research, she saw several references to David F. Jimenez, MD, FACS.

“His name kept coming up and it was very positive every time,” Marissa told us. “People online were speaking highly about Dr. Jimenez; that was very reassuring.” She emailed the pediatric neurosurgery clinic on a Sunday and received a reply within an hour, which Marissa described as “very impressive.”

After meeting Marissa and her son, Dr. Jimenez determined that Kamden would be a good candidate for surgery. Marissa initially dreaded Kamden’s surgery, but the actual experience was better than she had anticipated: “I thought giving my baby to the surgeon was going to be the hardest part, but I knew my son was in the best hands. I felt more at peace than I ever thought I'd feel.”

During her online research, Marissa was also encouraged by what she read about Darren J. Poidevin, the director of our cranial remolding program. She was thankful for his patience and attentiveness when the time came for Kamden to undergo cranial orthosis after his surgery.

“I think the orthosis is just as important as the surgery. Darren and Dr. Jimenez made a huge impact on our child’s life.

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