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Cadaver Lab

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In our residents’ first cranial anatomy lab of the year, Dr. Caron lectured on the frontal orbital zygomatic approach to craniotomy. This skull base surgical technique provides access to many of the tumors and vascular lesions neurosurgeons see on a regular basis. Following the lecture, the residents went to the cadaver lab, sponsored by Integra Lifesciences, to practice this challenging technique. The cadaver lab allows the residents a safe environment to hone techniques before performing them on live patients in the operating room.

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The Society of Neurological Surgeons Boot Camp

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Our PGY 1 residents recently had the opportunity to attend a “Fundamentals of Neurosurgery” boot camp course hosted by the Society of Neurological Surgeons. The course is designed to help neurosurgery residents who are transitioning from medical school by educating them about professionalism, communication, and basic procedural skills.

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Christian's Story

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Earlier this year, Christian Patrick Ehrhard suffered a major stroke while getting ready for work in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was rushed to San Antonio, where he underwent an emergency thrombectomy for an occlusion of his internal carotid artery, one of the main vessels supplying blood to his brain. This procedure, in which a microcatheter (a small tube) and a stent was used to remove a clot through accessing the arteries in his brain, was performed at University Hospital, a Comprehensive Stroke Center staffed round-the-clock by a team of UT Medicine Stroke Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, and Neurointensivists. He later underwent a hemicraniectomy in which part of his skull was removed to reduce the pressure placed on his brain due to swelling from the stroke. Christian subsequently returned to the hospital so he could undergo skull replacement surgery.

Last week, during a follow-up appointment, we got a chance to visit with Christian and his family to see how they were doing. Christian’s wife told us that she was pleased with the outcomes of both surgeries.

“Physically, you wouldn't even know he had a stroke,” she told us. “Dr. Grandhi did a great job with the surgery and his continued care.”

Although Christian initially had trouble speaking after his first surgery, speech therapy has improved his communication.

We are pleased to see how far Christian has come and wish him well during his recovery.

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