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 |  Thu Sep 15, 2016 | Share This Item

Dena Scott recently submitted this testimonial to us regarding the care her daughter received after sustaining a head injury:
“On October 27, 2015, we were reminded we are not in control of our children's lives but God is. Our 4-year-old daughter was kicked in the head by her horse and had to be airlifted to University Hospital where she underwent an extensive brain surgery. The news was grim but hopeful and that's all we had to go on. The next 72 hrs were moment by moment but thru it all one thing remained, our faith in God and the staff at University. We had top notch doctors, residents, nurses and techs informing us, encouraging us and holding our hands when we just weren't sure about the next hour. After 13 days as a critical patient at University Hospital, Kinley was walking, talking and loving her family again. She went on to have three more surgeries with the same loving staff. We have now celebrated her fifth birthday and watched her joyfully walk into her kindergarten classroom this fall. All this was made possible by each person that was a part of our daughter’s journey at University Hospital.”

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