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Natalia’s Story

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 |  Wed Mar 1, 2017 | Share This Item

Natalia Garcia

When Natalia Garcia was diagnosed with metopic craniosynostosis, her family was distraught.

The first doctor the family consulted described the traditional approach to craniosynostosis surgery, but hearing about the invasive nature of the procedure left Natalia’s father, Ruben Garcia, feeling apprehensive. “It was very scary to hear that there was going to be such a large cut in our daughter’s head,” Ruben told us. “I didn’t like the fact that she could lose so much blood.”

After researching their options, Natalia’s family learned about the endoscopic approach to surgery. They also heard favorable reviews about David F. Jimenez, MD, FACS. After the family met with him at the Pediatric Neurosurgery Clinic, they were finally convinced what their course of action should be; they scheduled the surgery.

Natalia’s parents had nothing but praise for Dr. Jimenez and clinic staff. “Every person we worked with was so nice. They made us feel at ease and comfortable. It made all our worries go away.”

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