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Genevieve's story

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 |  Wed May 3, 2017 | Share This Item


Genevieve Vigil was in a serious accident.

“We were hit very hard by a car coming into the intersection," Genevieve told us. "When I woke up, I could see the driver was bleeding and unconscious...I was in so much pain I couldn’t move."

After the ambulance arrived, Genevieve was rushed to University Hosptial. A CT scan revealed that she had fractured her 2nd cervical vertebra, sustaining a dangerous neck injury commonly termed a “Hangman’s Fracture.” After electing to undergo non-operative treatment and being braced for several months under the care of Ramesh Grandhi, MD, Genevieve recently received good news at her last clinic visit.

“I was just told today at the clinic that my bone healed; I won't need a brace or surgery, but I still need to be careful," she explained. "All things considered, I am lucky. The doctors and staff were so kind in helping me and my family through this hardship. We are very grateful for that.”

She looks forward to graduating from high school in the next few weeks.

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