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By: Ramón

 |  Friday Apr 22, 2011 | Share This Item

April 22, 2011

Dr. Jimenez,

We are going to have a great Easter weekend because of you.  The Zertuche Family of Laredo, Texas is most appreciative for admitting and then performing surgery on Ramón, Jr. 

It must be a wonderful feeling to be a “miracle worker”.  It is amazing to us, lay people, to see someone perform such a great task and yet be so humble.

It is such a good quality to have besides the great skill of operating on the spine.

May the Lord Bless you always,

Urabita and Ramón Zertuche
Urabita and Gil Rico
Selika and Danny Salwos
Kristina and Juan Carlos Alarcon
Adriana and Ramón Zertuche, II
All seven grandchildren

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